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  • Joint Ventures will help your business reach the masses

    Will Your Coaching Niche Pass the Test?

    Coaches often ask me: “Is this a good coaching niche?” What they really want to know is — will focusing my energy this way repay me with a consistent flow of clients who are willing to invest? That’s the 6-figure question. First, do you really need a coaching niche? Ultimately, there are three reasons to niche: ease, reach and profitability. We choose a niche so we can market less, earn . . .

  • stand out in the crowd

    4 Ways to Choose Your Coaching Niche

    Coaches are more business savvy than they used to be. Now, every coach knows that when you land a smart coaching niche, all the doors of opportunity open up and prosperity flows in. It solves so many problems: It’s easier to enroll clients without being salesy. It clues you in about how to connect with future clients. With many niches, you can charge more and clients will stay longer. You . . .

  • happy with website

    Enroll More Coaching Clients From Your Website

    Is your website enrolling new coaching clients for you? ? Is it also creating a community of future clients? Does it quickly inspire people to share your site? If not, your site might be a dud — a website that just sits there taking up cyberspace. Here’s how to make your website WORK for you: 4 Secrets of a Client Winning Website As you read through these, rate your own website . . .


    6 Easy Copy Writing Tips for Coaches

    Are you intimidated by the idea of writing your own freebies, marketing emails, and web content? I used to find those daunting too until I learned the root of ace marketing copy: write to intrigue rather than impress. When you want to inspire potential coaching clients to take the next step with you, aim to build a relationship and raise curiosity first. Take the spotlight off of you and your . . .


    Stop Overdelivering in Coaching Sessions – Why and How to Shift

    Over-delivery can be strategic, such as amping up the quality of your free offers or loading up a paid program with juicy bonuses. But chronic over-delivery in coaching sessions could actually undermine your financial success and relationships with clients. That’s because it’s often rooted in a lack of trust… either in the value of your services or in your client’s abilities. Or both. Think about it… Do you chronically go . . .


    Coaching Business Tools I Depend On

    Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, wellness coach, career coach or any other kind of change agent, you need smart affordable online tools and systems to run a successful business. It’s tempting to purchase systems you may use someday, but that can run your monthly costs up high and pull your profits down. So, how do you know which are best for where you are in your coaching business . . .

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